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Inspired by Veryl Fenlason
The Spirit of Aviation ™
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 Welcome to the Home of  EAA Chapter 551                                                              
Our Libary is full of Great Online Resources for
Weather, Flight Planning and Other Info.
Click Here to check it out. 
Program/Social Meeting the third Monday of every month
       (6:30 PM. Locations announced in the monthly newsletter)
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Business Meeting first Monday of every month
       (6:30 PM. 

 Coming Meetings/Events:  (Check out the Newsletter for events and details)

If you are a member in good standing (Have you paid your dues?)
you can borrow items from the EAA551 Tool Crib.




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The EAA551 Aviation Memorial Library
      - A Tribute to Veryl Fenlason

For Library information, click on "library" on the menu at the top of the page.