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Welcome to the EAA Chapter 551 Tool Crib

Members can see what's in the Tool Crib and arrange to borrow from the Tool Crib by logging in.

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To Borrow from the Tool Crib:

  • Each item is assigned to the individual member listed as the "Contact" for that item.
    To borrow an item, you need to contact the current holder and arrange to pick up the item.
    YOUR Contact information MUST be entered ONLINE for that item when you take possession.

  • You will be listed as the new "Contact" until you return it to the member you got if from or pass it along to another member.

  • The "Contact" member is responsible for the following:

    • ***   Safe keeping and preservation of the item.
    • ***   Passing the item to an authorized member
             --- only current members with dues paid are authorized to borrow from the tool crib.
    • ***   Ensuring the Contact information is updated online by you or the new Contact person.

Tool Crib Rules:

  • Items in the EAA 551 Tool Crib are available to all members in good standing (Have you paid you dues?).
  • The items are to be loaned to EAA 551 MEMBERS ONLY. A member is allowed to use the item(s) to help a non-member, but the member MUST BE PRESENT to use the item. In no case, will the member leave the custody of the item with a non-member. For example, a member could use the Longacre Scales to help a non-member complete a Weight and Balance procedure, but the member must be present with the scales and the scales must remain with the member at all times. Do not leave the scales with the non-member.
  • If you are using toolcrib items to help a non-member, it is expected that you will encourage (but not require) the non-member to become an active member of EAA Chapter 551.
  • Liability: EAA Chapter 551 shall not be held liable for any damages or injury caused as a result of the use of the items borrowed from the tool crib. By borrowing items from the EAA 551 Tool Crib, you agree to accept this liability clause.



Contribute to the Tool Crib:

Not all items in the tool crib are owned by EAA Chapter 551. Some are loaned by individual members. When you loan out an item, you can require the item be returned to you rather than passed on to another member. By placing the item in the tool crib, you will know where to find it when you need it. How many times have you loaned out a tool, only to forget who you loaned it to, and have never seen it again? The EAA 551 Tool Crib could help you keep track of loaned items and help out other members at the same time.

If you have items that you would be willing to loan to other members, send a photo of the item (cell phone photo is fine), a short description, and your contact information to Rob Jahnke (rcjahnke@gmail.com) 320-420-9817 to have your item added to the tool crib.